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Business Philosophy:

Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent primary focus is on intentionally ministering the Word of God to individuals and families to help heal and restore the lives of individuals who have experienced some form of abuse as a child or as an adult. As well as help individuals overcome marital conflicts and issues, parenting related issues, career management conflict, anger management problems, and child and adolescent behavior problems and concerns, through building and establishing positive relationships and finding and pursuing personal passions, goals, and desires by way of finding out who they are in God. Healing that comes by the renewing of the mind to align with the Word of God that will lead to positive change in one's life. We have 10 basic business philosophy principles we adhere to:

1. We provide clear and distinct direction for the course in one's life through biblical based principles.

2. We provide multiple counseling ministry services whether it is individual or family counseling in a professional and business manner in a secure environment with ethically sound rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

3. We challenge employees and counseling ministers and professionals to prioritize and adjust to meeting the needs of providing safe, efficient, and effective counseling to our clients.

4. We are responsive and receptive to the spiritual and personal needs of our clients.

5. We demonstrate excellence in all areas of performing business tasks associated with counseling and are accountable to the clients we serve by taking responsibility for our actions.

6. We operate with integrity, love, and honesty while giving support to our clients that they can trust and depend on.

7. We provide open communication with clients, but maintain confidentiality of the services being offered to our clients.

8. We exercise the power and authority that has been decreed and declared by God who has given the vision and mission of this business.

9. We passionately pursue to accomplish the role and responsibilities given unto us to maintain professionalism, value, respect, and appreciate our clients by engaging them to be active participants in the counseling process and to build a relationship with God.

10. We press forward and continue to create economic opportunities for the business so that it will become self-sustaining by readjusting, decreasing, increasing, and reconsidering financial obligations, prices, and fees charged to continue to promote economic growth and establish a business that brings glory to a God.

Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent is strong in its competencies of natural counseling practices known in the counseling field as well as combined spiritual biblical principles to provide a superior quality of counseling. Getting the best uniquely designed counseling that will meet not only a client's natural needs, but their spiritual needs as well.

Business Goals and Objectives:

Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent has 5 purposeful goals and objectives for providing services to families:

1. To meet the spiritual needs of the families it serves through sacrifice and commitment to their emotional and spiritual health, growth, and development. 

2. To provide a ministry of counseling with high integrity, diligence, and excellence that will promote both consumer and client loyalty, therefore enhancing strong professional counseling relationships.

3. To have a successful spiritual Christian counseling business that is a leader in providing excellent customer service, which will promote an increase in clientele seeking personal counseling ministry through the Word of God.

4. To evangelize and increase the spiritual awareness of biblical based principles that will lead to client salvation, through Jesus Christ and a relationship with God.

5. To provide counseling ministry that promotes healing of hurts, pains, abuse, neglect, and gives direction, encouragement, and solutions through the power of the Word of God.  

*Any fees charged and assessed for services and donations it received to advance the Kingdom of God, financially support the employees and owner and their families, as well invest back into DDCI. Therefore, all fees assessed as well as donations are non-refundable. 

If you would like to invest in DDCI to allow for the hiring of more employees to meet and service the needs of more families, as well build multiple physical locations; please send an email to:

* All donations received are used to support the development, establishment, and implementation of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization I am Living Beyond Abuse (, which seeks to provide sole unlimited services to the abuse as well as build a shelter for abused families. If you have experience in starting an organization and you would like to be and investor or considered to be a part of the foundational team and board of directors please visit and send a message to:

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